Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Eighth sign of the zodiac

Your element: Water
Your ruling planet: Mars and Pluto
Tarot card corresponding to your sign: Death
Your lucky color: Black
Your stone: Amethyst

First, a word about your tarot card, the significance of which might be worrying you. Know that, in the symbolism of the tarot, Death indicates that which dies in order to be born anew in a better form. When it is reversed the Death card may indeed mean the end of something. But when it is right side up it evokes rebirth, renewal, a new beginning. This is characteristic of your sign. You sometimes have a tendency to link the very good with the very negative.

Like all the signs of Water you are a very deep, mysterious, unfathomable being, sometimes inaccessible and uncontrollable. Your unconscious is so strong and so rich that psychoanalysis seems to have been invented for you. Your imagination is very powerful and very fertile. When you were very young, for example, you had thoughts which exceeded those of other children your age.

With you there is no chance of either dullness or mediocrity. You have a taste for the absolute, and this is why existence sometimes seems difficult to you. You would like your life to be in perpetual movement, always fed by novelty and the exceptional. This isn't always easy to achieve, and you don't always give yourself the means to make it happen, even when great changes pass within your reach.

The influence of Mars can make you combative and masterful. But be careful, because Pluto stirs up your deepest doubts and worries in order to draw you towards failure. This opposition means that sometimes you end up destroying what you love.

In love, you have many requirements and many spiritual states that others sometimes have difficulty following. You occasionally run the risk of ruining relationships by giving too much importance to difficulties which could have been resolved with more understanding.

You are fully conscious of your great qualities: an enterprising spirit, imagination, sensuality, charm, magnetism. But you also know your faults: desire for control, self-injurious behavior, impassioned behavior, tendency to complicate things and situations.

Your relations to the other signs:

You get along fairly well with Cancers as long as both your imaginations are alike; if not, the relationships risk being superficial. You should learn to truly appreciate certain aspects of Capricorns, who may be able to bring you a lot.

You risk getting into conflict with Tauruses as soon as these relations become too close. With Geminis certain passions can become excessive and end badly. Aquariuses have an instinctive tendency to flee from you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to win them over.

This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously to make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.

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